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My experience with Mystic Rentals.                   Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★

    When my partner found the place and ported me after briefly filling me in on the previous conversation with the Agent regarding the land. Once I landed in the area the Land Agent was quick and polite into welcoming me to the area. She explained everything I needed to know, the price, prims etc. Answered every question I had, quickly. Once me and my partner heard all the details she left us to talk things over, which was very much appreciated. She showed us more land, the actual land we could rent instead of the demo and showed us how the prim count, security orb work. We rented immediately after being told of their offer for bulky rent. Even after my accidental rudeness, mysti  kept her cool and polite aura. I realized what I said and corrected it to what I was meant to say and she laughed saying it was not a problem what I had said and she did not take it offensively, I respect this highly, she was very calm and collected not allowing her professional presence be shaken.

All in all my experience was impeccable. The staff are friendly and very helpful. The land is amazing. I would recommend Mystic Rentals to anyone. If you are reading this then take note of my words, as a very satisfied costumer.

Thank you Mystic Rentals.

DreamMystery Resident

My wife and I when we first came on SL a year ago started renting fro here we then want looking at other places and about two or three months ago came back here not  only cause how the rent is but just how wonderful the sims are well done and what a staff but to ever one that has stop to see if we needed help and answered all of our questions as well and now we kind of upgrading from what we are renting from here they went over the top to see to it we got just what it was we asked for and seen to it fast best place to live on SL . We will be renting here for a good long time.  

 Devin Knight MD (devinknight88)  and Mrs Knight and family

You all have the best lots (skyboxes) of anyone.  there are sooooo many extras I was still finding things a day or two later. Yes this used a few prims for you to do this.....but It would have taken me  many more prims... Thank you and great job!
... and it is awesome the way you made pay sign and prim counter blend in with everything.....someone there is thinking from the mind of a customer....and I appreciate it!
... too many companies get big....and forget what customer wants or needs

Lillez Resident

It is my pleasure to write to you to tell you that I've been visiting Flower Valley and think it is a wonderful place.
The landscape, the details, the music, make it a dream. The perfect place.

InayenKumelkan Resident

I have Rented Many places in Sl, but nothing compared to Mystical Rentals. The Land is Beautifully put together, the Atmosphere is Relaxing and the Site is Breath Taken on all the different themes @ Mystical Rentals. Thank for providing such great Places to live at, where it is Reasonable Pricing to Rent and the Staff is Great and Helpful. I wouldnt live anywhere else!!

Panda Martian

If your seeking a place to rent... trust me Mystical  Rentals is the ideal place.   Over my time I have rented many places....yet I still come back here...I am so not moving again....well maybe a different theme depending on mood.  The level of service is unparallel to any other .....the space and privacy is amazing.   Sandro  is meticulous with his landscaping...breathtaking...not your blank plot with some half ass plant or tree shoved in the corner.  I could go on....but honestly, you will not disappointed renting from here....I mean you can even change from one plot to another without having to pay an additional fee....look into it some even charge to move from one plot to another.   I have the music I like...a security orb and a way cool dance intan for those sensual moments.  :)

Peech Velde

I just wanted to send this little note to say I am completely thrilled to be renting with you.  Your build is spectacular and I am very impressed.   Your prices are quite reasonable as well and I will be telling everyone I know about Mystical Rentals.

Medeska Markova

When I started leasing from Mystical Rentals, I found a team of people who would do anything possible to try and help me.    I ended up renting from them and another company to try and get enough space for what I wanted....but I was not happy....I wanted everything together.
    I explained my needs to Bella & Sandro.....I needed space for  horses...a castle....and I also love the beach.   This  is probably the world's first  Gothic Western Tropical parcel.....but they made it happen....with lots of space...and plenty of prims.
    My needs were pretty unique...and to be honest.....I really needed a decent amount of prims for my dreams.    I had dreams....and a budget...but everyone else said they could not do it.   In less than 1 day,   Bella and Sandro came up with the perfect parcel.   
    Mystical Rentals also has a great team....when I had troubles and my contacts were gone.....Mysti stepped right in and made sure I was taken care of.   I am just one little tenant, and they have had to teach me many things....but always did so with much patience.   
   We all have dreams about the perfect Secondlife  home.   I am extremely  proud to say I am now living in my dream...thanks to Mystical Rentals.    Yes, I may be a little crazy since I combined bits of Goth, Western and Tropical.....but if they can satisfy me, don't you think they can take care of you?

Krukon Resident

The owner and staff at Mystical Rentals are fantastic!  Always there to help when needed and in a "take your money and run" environment - this is noticed and appreciated!
Great places to live and play.

AylaJ Resident

I can't say enough about the service and the quality offerings of land available from Mystical Rentals.  I was looking particularly for a beautiful, serene area  and they had just the place...Any time I  had a question or needed something, the staff responded immediately and you don't get that kind of service very often.  Kudos Mystical Rentals.

Jeyler Resident

I have rented a lot of places in sl since I started playing...everything from land to houses to skyboxes...but never have I felt more welcome and cared for than I have since I joined the Mystical Rentals family.  And I don't use the term family lightly, from the moment I met Monica and she took the time to help me find the perfect plot I have felt like a member of a warm friendly extended family.  I have the perfect land, the value for money is unbelievable, the privacy beyond anything that I have known and the staff at Mystical Rentals are always on hand to help and offer advice and assistance.  I have found my perfect little piece of sl heaven...I have already put friends in touch with the staff and they too have found their sl nirvana's...don't wait a moment longer...get in touch with the guys and join us!!!!  You won't regret it!

Maybite Resident

My home is AMAZING. More than I ever expected to find here. And Sandro and Monica? Omg - amazing. And soooo tolerant of changes and new wants! The houses I have had are amazing and the landscaping leaves me speechless. I love working with both of them! They let me change and search for my *perfect* place.

Aislinn Simondsen

P.S.: I'm currently on my 3rd house with them - and they are helping me find my 4th. They are AMAZING landlords!

A great big thanks goes out to Sandro Halasy. I Had been looking for days for just the right land to put my club on. Out of all the places I had visited he was the only one that was willing to help me and answer all my questions. He was very patient and kind. Thanks to Sandro I'll be a long time tenant of Lot #05.

Sinfullysaucy Spiritor

Having been looking for a parcel of land to rent for some hours, I eventually found myself on Lot #245 at Home Sweet Home where I encountered Jamira, who is the manager of Mystical Rentals. Her helpfulness, courtesy and charm made renting land a pleasure where as previously it had been a chore. I cannot recommend this rental agency highly enough, nor the service extended by Miss Jamira. Ten out of ten!

Zeno McMasters

Before I discovered Mystical Rentals, i have been hopping from one land/house rental group to another. Now, I don't need to look anywhere else because Mystical Rentals has the best lands and homes-- Great competitive pricing, Awesome personal service,  Business stability and Excellent, first class land design that matches no other.  I tried comparing prices from other land owners as well and I end up going back to Mystical Rentals every time. I have been renting from them for almost a year now and I can say that I have truly found my home in SL :)

Belladonna Kujisawa 

I'm Morgana and I am an artist and author living in Melbourne Australia. I've been a tenant of the Mystical Rental's Group (MRG) for almost a year now and was asked to write a little about my experience here.
After a long search for an SL 'home', I started with Mystical in a rented house with a skybox attachment. It was an amazing build and I enjoyed the space very much. You could tell it had been built by people who 'got it'. They had left nothing to add except furniture. Waterfalls, the house itself, animals, privacy and landscaping were the best I had seen and not just 'for the money' but artistically and spatially.  
I left that space only due to a growing desire to create such wonderful spaces myself!
Again before settling, I did the rounds of people and places, even searching themed  rpg sims looking for a perfect spot to nest and after seeing the land spaces on offer out there when compared to the spaces at Mystical, I decided to go with a 1/8 sim and stay with MRG.  
I built my 'Pyri Camp' and we rested as home there happily for nearly 6 months. The sim was a wide open lightly forested space and  in it I was able to create the healing environment I wanted and with a huge prim allowance I never ran out.  Ive recently just moved again, this time to a lot with water as I wanted a change and new challenge creatively.
Again, I went and did the rounds to see what was on offer elsewhere and was shocked at what people were renting out and the prices they were charging. Nothing compared even close to  the luxury of my previous estate so I came back to Mystical as it was the only place that even 'felt' right. Browsing the lands, I found the right space and have now resettled.
Each of the moves I have made within the Mystical family have each been simple and very smooth transitions. A 'no hassle transplant' of self and stuff. ZI moved only two days ago and already am set up ready to go..nothing else required bar privacy to enjoy and create, which I have in abundance.
Having no desire to run sims myself, my requirements for an Sl real estate agent are Value for money, privacy and personalized service. I don't want to be hassled, I want to be respected. I don't want noisy neighbors and have to lay out security orbs, I want privacy and an all inclusive security system. I don't mind paying a reasonable rent but I get mad when that is upped every five minutes or on a whim without notice. I especially don't want 'drama'.
So as a long time Sl'er, I am very grateful for the staff of MRG as Ive never had to deal with any of those issues...not once.
Staff of MRG have always been respectful of my space, have always responded to any need immediately, have addressed security issues frankly and swiftly and have never once increased rent from the base allotment fee.
Both Sandro and Monica have become friends and are something of an extended family now and I am settling into home number three with ease. I can honestly say I am happy camper. The allotment, the price, the environment layout and the service are nothing less than exceptional.


Alastronia Resident

About Mystical Rentals..
well, i was sceptical at the very beginning..  Landlord seems nice person.. BUT.. Renting in mainland? Needing to have a group slot for it? Could it be stable for the shop i wanted to make? What about lag? But their price.. was amazing!  So, i went for it.. I rented here, and started my shop about two years ago.. I have to admit, i have witnessed the best support ever!  I never had to wait more than ten minutes for a request to be taken care of, or a problem to be solved.  I have never felt that either the landlord himself or the team were not by my side.  Therefore, i could concentrate at my shop, improve my business, and be glad about my choice to rent here.  Would i recommend Mystical Rentals?  Hell yeah!  I believe they have to offer much more than a piece of land or a nice environment!  Would i move? Well.. yeah.. sure.. when hell freezes over :p

Thank you Mystical Rentals Team! You are great!

Xenia Sirenz

P.S.: Sandro! you owe me a discounted week rent for this!
P.S.2:  Monica, you re such a sweetheart! Keep up the good work!
P.S.3:  Don't get a heart attack Sandro... i was kidding about the discount! *giggles*

Reclaimer:  When published, you can avoid including all 3 P.S. (i am just in a good mood and i wanted to mess with you a bit)

I Luv Ya All!

I have rented from Mystical Rentals and Sandro for over a year now.  All his properties are beautifully landscaped and so many amenities included for your convenience.  He is most generous with prim allowances and will always work with you should a need arise.  There are no properties to compare to Mystical Properties.

Dorothy Osterham

I've been a renter with Mystical Renters for going on close to a year now, and I have rented with other places before. For me though Mystical Rentals is the best by far. The management is amazingly nice and patient with questions, and very helpful. The land is gorgeous and the houses are beautiful, and best of all the prices aren't outrageous, in short I frickin -love- Mystical Rentals :D

Andromeda Moonwing

I started renting from Mystical Rentals just over a month ago and have found the land brillinat value for the money you pay for rental, also the staff are friendly and helpful. The plots are well thought out and beautiful designed, and if you want you can easily make alterations which the staff will elp you with even if you dont have building skill's
I would happily recommend Mystical Rentals to anyone so if ur looking for a place to live this is it.........:)))

Faunt7 Resident

I have been renting from Sandro Halasy, Mystical Rentals, for over a year.  During that time I have rented houses and islands.  Without fail, Sandro has been a responsive and and caring landlord and has solved every problem for me.  He has helped me find the right place and has given me an excellent experience in having a home in SL at all times.  I have recommended him to many and can't imagine renting from anyone else.  If you need a home of any type, be sure Mystical Rentals is the first place you look!

Wynna Resident

Hi my name is Cookie and one of the renters here at Mystical Rentals.
If you looking for a nice peaceful place to live then Mystical Rentals is the place. Prices are just right for the working class and the land is beautiful.  I have been living here for almost a year and I could not ask for a better place to live.  It can be what ever you want it to  be, Sandro is the manager of the year in my book, always there to help out never too busy to take care of your needs, and Co-manager Monica is a doll. I can be a pest but she has always been there to give me a help i needed. So if you're looking for a good place to live and grow come down to Mystical Rentals.......I love it and so will  you!

Cookiepie5 Mahogany

I am renting at Mystical Rentals since a long time and i havent regret it for 1 minute.
The Landscaping. The Houses are amazing and unlike any other. Even if just rented plain Land the Surrounding is great. What you get at Mysticals for your Money is more than worth renting there. Fair Price for an awesome Home. Which you never want to leave again once you settled there.
I will not forget to mention the Customer Service.
Mr Halasy and Miss Jigsaw are always glad to help with any Problem which should come up.
So if someone asks me why i rent there.. i say.. because its simply the best which is out there. I dont have to look any further.

Reba Mowbray

We love living at our private home among the beaches and waterways of Viedma, owned and operated by Sandro Halasy.
When we chose to live together more than a year ago, we wanted a house that was private, near water, with views and enough prims to account for the furniture and art we loved. We wanted a fair rent, and the ability to talk to the owner when we had a question or need. We did not want to talk to a machine or a “leave a message” system.
We found all of this in our time at Sandro’s places… our place is totally private with enough prims to furnish our wonderful home.  We live on the water and can swim or boat anywhere in second life from our dock. We enjoy talking to Sandro if we have a question, comment or idea. He is full of creative ideas based on his knowledge of the workings of Second Life.
And on top of all this, the rent is very reasonable for the amenities we receive in return. We highly recommend Sandro Halasy and the lands he has available for rent. We are pleased to count him among our close colleagues.
Such a great service is rare to find! Mystical Rentals has really exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

DominicCarleone Resident