Friday, November 4, 2016

Hello Dear Tenants!

We have some good news that we're excited to share with all of you.

Good news #1: Integration of all Landscaped Skylots into one Multiscene

Our big project is now complete, and all of the skylot scenes that you have grown to love throughout the years are now in one multiscene theme.
You now have the choice to change your skylots into the scene that you like without having to transfer sims.
In our commitment to giving quality and tasteful rentals, we've also done some bug fixes, adding detail to some scenes, as well as replacing some
outdated objects/textures.

For our skylots, we are slowly transitioning and grouping them into 3 major multiscenes:

Landscapes Multiscene - Full sim Landscaped skylots with ample space for your home and decor (18 scenes so far)

The Ultimate Multiscene - Full sim Fully furnished and highly detailed themes (18 scenes so far)

240 Multiscene - 1/4 sim fully furnished and detailed themes (16 scenes so far) which will also eventually include our 480 - Beach, 480 - Grass.

As a note, our skylots will not be limited to only these three as we are continually developing and creating new scenes and rental types.

* Enchanted, Nature and Empty Platforms, 480 - Beach, 480 - Grass and 480 - Platform will remain single themed for now

Good News #2: Mainland Regions prim limit increase

Today, Linden Labs has announced the increase of prim limit for mainland regions from 15000 to 22500. They have started raising the limit for some regions last Nov. 1 (together with the rolling restarts) and will continue to do so in the following weeks.
With this said, we are happy to inform you that we will be increasing your max prim limits as well.

The following will be our intended prim allotments:


980/w - 1230 total - 975 available
1480/w - 1810 total - 1555 available
1980/w - 2465 total - 2210 available



240/w - 303 total - 140 available
480/w - 625 total - 450 available
730/w - 943 total - 780 available


The Ultimate Multiscene:

980/ w -1230 total - 655 available
1480/w -1810 total - 1235 available
1980/w -2465 total - 1890 available


Accordingly, we would like to ask for your patience while we do the prim adjustments and respective replacements (for ex. replacing single themed skylots with the multiscene panel).

We plan to do this in an organized manner  to prevent mistakes so please bear with us regarding this significant change.

We shall send out group notices for updates on this transition.

Thank you all once again for your continued patronage.

Mystical Rentals Management